1. Living Wills 101

    Most people are familiar with the concept of a last will and testament. This is a legal document that instructs friends and family about your wishes after you pass away. It might instruct them about what you'd like for your funeral, what should happen to your personal belongings, who you want to get…Read More

  2. Benefits Of Estate Planning With An Attorney

    When it comes to estate planning, there is no time like the present. Many people delay putting an estate plan in place because they don’t want to think about death and about leaving loved ones behind. Others don’t arrange an estate plan, at all, because they believe that they don’t have enough…Read More

  3. Why Estate Planning Is Important For You And Your Loved Ones

    No one wants to think about passing away and leaving family members behind. Many people, for this reason, put off estate planning because they feel a conversation about end of life plans is too sad or unsettling. In reality, estate planning is actually a very positive step you can take to protect yo…Read More